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Digital technology and science background.

Raji's career spans over 15 years of creating engaging digital health content, reflecting a deep interest in the intersection between technology and healthcare. She has held leadership roles in both the private and public sectors, including WebMD and Engender Health with a focus on translating complex science into compelling, easy-to-understand narratives. In her most recent role at Fallon Medica, she enjoyed providing strategic guidance to medical affairs teams and produced novel, cloud-based digital content for MSLs and HCPs with the ultimate goal of improving patients' health outcomes.

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Skills & Proficiencies

Recent Content Focus

Medical Affairs Content Strategy

Creating Mechanism of Disease and Mechanism of Action Education, Scientific Narratives and Scientific Communication Platforms and MSL Training Decks

Digital Therapeutics

Creating educational content on various FDA-aproved digital therapeutics

Competitve Intelligence

Creating digital alerts for medical affairs teams and companies on competitor activity, quarterly reports and competitor profiles

Technical Proficiencies

Content Management Systems (Joomla, Wordpress, HubSpot)

Architecting knowledge management repositories, cloud-based repositories and libraries for publication/communication teams and HCP communities of practice

Data Analytics Tools (Tableau, Google Analytics, Python)

Designing aggregated data dashboards for assessing key program/project metrics

AI Strategy (Open AI, Otter AI, Beautiful AI, Stable Diffusion, Intuition)

Identifying where the gaps and opportunities exist in companies in order to best leverage AI.

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Portfolio Highlights

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MHTF Global Knowledge Management System (2012)


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Disease State MSL Training Deck (2021)

Medical Affairs Team

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Disease State Education Slide Kit (2021)

Medical Affairs Team

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Diversity in U.S. Clinical Trials Infographic (2023)

Labyrinth Data

Digital Data Technology



Strategy Director, Medical Affairs

Fallon Medica LLC, New Jersey, July 2021-December 2022

Provided strategic insight for developing rare disease content in neurology, nephrology and diabetes for medical affairs teams.

  • Led the development of comprehensive digital scientific communication platform using "scientific storytelling" with embedded learning pathways for MSL use
  • Led virtual advisory boards for an innovative diabetes digital therapeutic
  • Led the development of several apps for MSL use to track KOL events and activities at major conferences
  • Created disease-state education for HCPs including digital flashcards, mechanism of disease slide kits, monographs, webinars and virtual advisory boards
  • Led development of MSL training collateral including apps with gaming technology
  • Created strategy papers, brand planning briefs and project concept briefs
  • Led social media content calendars and created a comprehensive Twitter campaign for nephrologists Created KOL/HCP engagement strategies to strengthen brand positioning and product differentation. Led competitive intelligence projects
  • Created comprehensive cloud-based digital publication plans with 'at-a-glance' visual components

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Senior VP

Medtex, New York, Nov 2018 - Sept 2020

Established comprehensive strategic marketing plans for multichannel HCP educational and marketing campaigns.Led all competitive intelligence reports and presentations.

  • Led content development and knowledge management system activities for the company
  • Cultivated collaborative academic partnerships and HCP/KOL relationships to create content and build support for various digital learning platforms for both domestic and global communities of practice in the neurology space
  • Oversaw program reporting and dissemination activities
  • Ensured alignment of programs to a diverse set of priority areas

VP, Educational Partnerships

Everyday Health, New York, October 2012- October 2015

Responsible for the strategic growth of digital medical education programs and marketing campaigns on Everyday Health’s HCP-facing portal: MedPageToday.Com

  • Created large institutional educational partnerships to produce CME/IME medical education activities for HCPs
  • Led comprehensive digital patient education program
  • Created innovative approaches for engaging and retaining HCP learners
  • Led integration of patient-provider interaction simulation software for virtual learning Responsible for managing and tracking various site metrics and requirements.
  • Led brainstorming sessions, client presentations, and contract negotiations
  • Brought in over US$3 million in revenue
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"Raji made valuable contributions to our projects at multiple stages of work, ranging from crafting proposals to ensuring message alignment in final deliverables. She served as the key contact for discussing project strategy with clients."

Adrienne Halupa, PhD

"Raji's expertise in leveraging technology to enhance MSL engagement and generate valuable insights was evident in all our projects. Her "storytelling' approach with embedded learning pathways was invaluable in facilitating effective knowledge transfer."

Kamal Khalil, MD

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International Political Economy

University of Dayton, Ohio


Double majors: International Studies & Political Science

Minor: Biology

Baldwin Wallace University, Ohio

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